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Four Reasons I Gave Up Sugar…And What I Eat Instead!

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Four Reasons I Gave Up Sugar and What I Eat Instead

I’m going to make a bold statement here: SUGAR IS THE DEVIL!


I said it

I used to be a Pastry Chef for 15 years. So for me to renounce sugar like that is kind of a big deal.

How did I get to this point, you may be wondering. Well, it’s simple, I wanted to keep teeth in my mouth, not have a fat ass, get more energy, and not feel like a zombie.

That’s not too much to ask for, right?


Let’s dissect these four reasons to learn a little more about the detrimental effects of sugar:



 I’m really sorry I’m about to even tell you this because it’s gross, but I have gingivitis. It’s not what I wanted for myself at this stage of my life, but here we are.

When I was a kid, my parents terrified me with the notion that dentists were out to get me. Now, I don’t mean that, like, my parents were abusive in any way, they were both just fans of using scare tactics to keep me in line.

I remember vividly when I was 15, my dad, telling me that he went to the dentist, and they stabbed him in the gums repeatedly until he bled, and it sucked.

“Bullshit” I said.

“No, he’s telling the truth”, my mom yelled from the kitchen. “They do it to test how thick your gums are and it is VERY painful. They’ll start doing it to you too as soon as you hit 17.”

The hell they are!

Sugar Gives You Gingevitis
Class act

I had braces, so going to the dentist was already something I LOATHED, but if they were going to start stabbing me, there’s no way in hell I was going back. As it was, I had never had a cavity, so any kind of gum trauma seemed unfathomable.

One year later I had my braces removed, just in time before I hit the 17-year-old cut off for routine stabbings.

And I lived happily ever after…

J/K, one of my teeth broke

When I was 35, I was lucky enough to land a job with dental insurance, and it was then that I decided I was going to splurge on sedation dentistry to fix my tooth that had broken two years (dear god, was it really that long) before.

It wasn’t a traumatic incident at all. I had been eating a sugar cookie one day when I felt a little something extra crunch. Turns out it was one of my molars. I spit the pieces into my hand, like the bad ass that I am, and vowed to never chew with the left side of my mouth again.

Only, it wasn’t as simple as that. For some reason, that open tooth area LOVED getting food stuck in it all the time. And my breath didn’t smell very great. So I decided to bite the bullet and go in.

I explained to them over the phone how scared I was, but they would not budge on “the knocking me out” thing. Apparently, you can’t just administer those kinds of drugs to someone sight unseen, but what they did offer to give me was nitrous oxide.

I did have to go in for a preliminary visit with x-rays, but within the week I got my tooth fixed and I was ready to take on the world!

There was just one little problem. While I had no other cavities besides the one that lead to my tooth breaking, I did have raging gum disease. Turns out you can brush and floss until you’re blue in the face, but if you eat sugar regularly, it will help all kinds of bad bacteria breed in your mouth.

I was sent away with pharmaceutical grade mouthwash and a stern warning to lay off the sugary treats.


Weight Loss:

I have always been a porker. Even when I was a kid, my grandmother used to delight in telling everyone within earshot that I was “Husky.”

four reasons why i stopped eating sugar
I wish my arms were still this chunky…

It used to bother me when I was in school, but once I graduated, all of that weight shame sort of faded away. You see, I’ve never been obese, just sort of comfortably chunky. When I was 12 years old, I grew into the body of a 35-year-old average American woman and stayed there.

While other girls my age had great metabolisms and were basically stick figures, I was a 165Lb schlub.

The day my dentist warned me about cutting the sweets, I was a stocky 175lbs. I wasn’t exactly unhappy, but I knew I could stand to lose a few, so I looked into the Keto Diet.

The Keto Diet, if you’re unaware, is a low carb high-fat masterpiece. Since most carbs are sugar, I figured this would be the best approach to excellent oral health and a figure like Halle Berry.

And Holy Smokes does it work! Within a week and a half, I had lost 10 lbs. All the water weight I had been carrying in my ankles for years was completely gone.

I finished the end of the summer 150 lbs. The lowest weight of my adult life.

But cutting out sugar doesn’t just have an effect on your weight, it also can give you:


Crazy Amounts of Energy:

The anatomy of a sugar binge for most Americans goes something like this.

  • Wake up, grab coffee with cream and sugar.
  • Head to work, have a bagel.
  • Starving by 10 am! Have a snack, maybe something healthy like granola or an apple.
  • Lunch Time, have a sandwich.
  • Afternoon Slump. Have another coffee or an energy drink.
  • Go home for dinner. Maybe have a small dessert depending on how healthy the rest of your day has been.

But Sparky, that doesn’t look like a sugar binge, that’s just a regular day!

eliminating sugar from diet
Take a closer look at your “bagel”, Karen.

Wrong! Every item on that list is FILLED with sugar. We wake up hungry, we have some sugar to perk us up. We have a mid-morning lull and we have some sugar to perk us up.

It’s a vicious cycle of abuse if you think about it.

That slump you get isn’t from not having sugar, it’s from your body saying:

I’ve used up all the easy stuff now, let’s get more of it, or I quit!

After a few days of low carb, high-fat eating you’ll start to feel like a million bucks. You will sleep through the night instead of waking up every hour. You might even wake up BEFORE your alarm clock.

Crazy, I know.

But the best part is, you’ll never get hangry or have low energy. You will have one state of existence. Zen.

You won’t have those dips in your day anymore. You’ll just be you. Not some crazy sugar monster. It’s wonderful!

Getting Rid of Brain Fog:


Snickers have built an empire on the fact that when our bodies run out of our standard sources of glucose, we become other people.

keto diet reduces diabetes
I don’t care what you say! I still love her!

Namely, Betty White.

She adorable, and sweet, but she can also be a little grumpy and say really mean things to you.

By giving in to Betty and eating a Snickers, you’re only starting the cycle again.

Sugar affects your brain in the same way a drug does, and by going without it for a week or so and getting it out of your system, you’ll start to develop mental clarity.

You won’t be a slave to brain fog, and you’ll be able to wake up in the morning without turning into an angry monster.


So what do I eat instead?





Dark Leafy Greens

Oh, and All The Butter I Want

Coffee with heavy cream in it tastes way better than milk and sugar ever did!

I basically stick to meat, cheese, veggies, and nuts for the most part and I feel great.

sugar substitute keto
Beware the laxative effects of fake sugar!

Truth is, there are a million Keto recipes out there for all the carb-filled foods you know and love, but I find that I don’t really need them anymore. A couple of days out of the month I’ll find myself craving things, but other than that I’m fine.

Once you cut sugar out of your life for good, you’ll stop craving it.

There are substitutes out there, but I think they’re only delaying the inevitable when it comes to getting rid of the taste for sweets. And some of them can have some really nasty side effects.

No matter how strong my chocolate craving is, it’s not worth crapping my pants in public.

No thank you, Maltitol!

But if you’re just getting into it and NEED a little something sweet to help get you by, here’s a video I made for a Creamy Avocado. It’s sort of a spoof on a vanilla milkshake. Fat filled and satisfying, it’s sure to hit the spot!

And don’t worry, I was very sick when I filmed this which is why it’s not as entertaining as some of my other videos. Also, my hair is CRAZY pink.




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